With its headquarters in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, and domiciled at Zimpost/ Tel-one Building, Robert Mugabe way, Gweru, Zimbabwe, Macronet International Association of Zimbabwe [MIAZ] continues to support government efforts in mitigating the challenges facing the vulnerable groups of the society particularly the orphans, youths, women, children and the marginalized.

Macronet International Association of Zimbabwe identifies and mobilises its target groups and facilitates for the provision of their livelihood skills through short courses training to enable them to use their skills to fight hunger, poverty, crime, and prostitution.

1.1 Mission Statement.

  • To establish a world class community oriented organisation which shall work to support the underprivileged groups of the society through its systems and processes that are clearly understood, managed, and improved to uplift community livelihood through skills development scheme for use wherever they are in the world.

1.2 Our Vision.

  • To be the leaders in identifying, promoting, assessing, protecting, and, supporting and evaluating vulnerable groups particularly children, youth and women in our society and offer them practical appropriate livelihood skills for survival which skills they will use wherever they maybe in the world.  

2. Empowerment Approach.

The organisation has adopted [ISOP] Integrated Skills Outreach Programme. This is a government initiative support meant to reach out to those that are vulnerable or disadvantaged some of whom live in hard to reach areas of the country. The ISOP training model is favourable because Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities are brought to communities so that any training takes place where Macronet beneficiaries live.

2.1 Macronet bringing Universities and Colleges to Communities.

Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges are invited to meet communities from which beneficiaries are recruited and provide the needed skills in the areas.

This approach has benefited the majority of our beneficiaries since the year 2010 Macronet’s obligation in support of community empowerment through skills development is to provide training resources, the venue for the training, and also to mobilize  travel and subsistence allowances for trainers. For those beneficiaries who are mobilized and coming from hard to reach areas, Macronet has often provided food and accommodation despite the harsh economic environment obtaining in Zimbabwe.

3] Course skills offered to target beneficiaries free of charge.

  • Entrepreneurship,  Customs Legislation& procedures, Secretarial Studies
  • Air Hostess, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Ground handling agent, Clearing agent, Tourism& Hospitality, Hotel& Catering, Hotel Management,
  • Pharmacy, Ambulance Technician, Ambulance Assistant, Advanced Cardio vascular life support, Nurse Aid, Rescue Course. Basic Sports Medicine, Counseling
  • Occupational Health and Safety, SHE, Water Resource Management, Water treatment, Quality control, Environmental Management, Waste Management, fire Fighting
  • Motor Mechanic, Diesel Plant Fitting, Auto Electrical, Electrical Systems, Clothing Technology, Cutting& Designing, Building, Plumbing, Painting, , Mining, Electronics, Carpentry, Electrical Communication Systems, Refrigeration, Fabrication. Food Preparation, Bakery Technology, Food Processing
  • Early Child Development [ECD], Sign Language, Braile

 Introduction to Computers, Web Design, Graphics, ICT

  • NB. Courses are demand driven to include those not listed above.

4] Funding.

The organisation has from the start relied on self funding. Macronet International Association of Zimbabwe is looking for a prospective strategic partner to come on board with funding to support the provision of livelihood skills to those members of the society that are underprivileged and disadvantaged.

The funding sought is expected to cater for;-

  • Accommodation, training/lecture rooms or space, and offices.
  • Operational overheads that include rates, staff allowances and salaries, and trainers’ transport to and from training venues.
  • Construction of training complexes in all provinces of Zimbabwe.
  • Construction and equipping computer/ Information technology laboratories.
  • Acquisition of computers for beneficiaries to learn basic operation of the computer.
  • Purchase of training material.

Should there be any donor wishing to work with Macronet International Association of Zimbabwe covering the SADC Region from Zimbabwe may your intentions be communicated to the National Programs Director on contact details given above